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How do you feel about different types of renewable energy generation? Do you have any concerns about their impact on the natural environment and communities, or suggestions for how this is managed? Sharing your views and ideas will help us develop a plan for natural resource management in the area.

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    it is imperative that we focus on our renewable energy resources. The UK and in particular Wales have some of the best wind resource in the Europe and this FREE asset is greatly untapped. This resource in inexhaustible and unlike solar power is present and reliable throughout the winter months. Thus reducing the reliance on Nuclear power or even worse fracking. Our current lifestyles demand more and more energy and as climate change is beginning to be evident, our nation needs to prepare and explore all avenues for alternative energy. Our Welsh hills and landscape has an abundance of wind and we should be harnessing it. Other locations such as Cornwall and Devon have been forward thinking and Wales should be as forward thinking. Other European countries such as Germany have far less wind potential than we do, yet are embracing this free source of energy.

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    Our government should fund research into renewable energy at a much greater level than present.

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    Renewable energy proposals should be promoted across the region, and considered against alternative forms of energy generation. The standard comparison should be: what would be better there, a nuclear power station, under ground gasification or some solar PV or wind turbines? Slight visual impact will be nowhere near as damaging to our communities in the future in comparison to climate change. In addition local councillors should be held personally accountable for decisions that they make based on prejudice not public policy.

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    Anna Pigott

    Planning permission for a small, secluded and community-owned solar site on Gower was recently turned down due to Gower being an AONB. Development plans for Gower obviously need to be carefully thought-out – it’s a wonderful spot – but it seems that the current planning system is in conflict with Welsh Government Climate Change targets and ambitions for the Well-Being of Future Generations Act. It seems incredibly difficult for individuals and small communities who are taking initiative and putting effort in to get very far – if the planning system was more supportive then I think people would be ‘doing it for themselves’ a lot more, taking some of the burden off government in the long run and enlivening communities in the process!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)