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Spring Mills Community Gardens – a community group based in Penclawdd, Gower – now has a collection of food processing equipment available for individuals or groups to process their produce for winter storage – as part of a new STORE MORE project. A full list of available equipment is on the website: The equipment includes peelers, juicers, dryers, food processors, pots and pans, pasteurising equipment, mincers and sausage pushers, vacuum packers and more. Most of the equipment has arrived with just a few of the international items still in the post but in the interest of catching everyone’s attention during harvest time they have decided to send out a call for interest now whilst work is underway on the finalised list and the website.
The Spring Mills Garden Group developed from a collective ambition to reduce reliance on economic growth and to pool time, energy and knowledge to increase the self-sufficiency of its members. The Group has adopted a social attitude towards growing and instead of dividing the land amongst members in plots, all the crops are sown and grown together as they would be on a commercial farm. Currently, three families are self-sufficient in pork, four families in potatoes and three families growing their own seasonal vegetables.
STORE MORE is a not for profit project and hire charges for equipment are as minimal as possible simply to cover the maintenance of the items during community use. Please get in touch to find out what is available, they would like to see the equipment used as much as possible. The project is supported by Swansea Council’s Grow Local Grant Fund.