Local Examples

There are many local examples of how careful management of the natural environment and the involvement of communities in looking after it can bring multiple benefits. 

Here are just a few:

Waun Fignen Felen Bog Restoration

The Waun Fignen Felen bog restoration project helps to protect and restore bare and damaged peat and to improve water quality…

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Vetch Community Garden

This community garden in the centre of Swansea was created in 2011 as a site-specific art project – part of the Cultural Olympiad…

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Blackpill SSSI and Wildlife Centre

Almost two thirds of Swansea beach is of international importance for overwintering migratory birds e.g. ringed plover and sanderling…

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Lower Swansea Valley Project

The industry in the Lower Swansea Valley during the eighteenth to early twentieth centuries left behind the largest area of industrial dereliction in Europe…

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Rosehill Quarry Community Park

Rosehill Quarry Community Park is an urban green space that is managed by a local volunteer group to provide a community resource that promotes biodiversity and supports recreation…

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Swansea Vale Flood Defence Scheme

The £7million flood scheme in Swansea Vale has reduced flood risk for over 300 businesses and homes…

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SA1 Community Wind Turbine and Eastside Energy Scheme

The SA1 Community Wind Turbine, located in Swansea docks, generates renewable energy which is sold to the grid…

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